Are you sitting on thousands of dead leads without realizing those leads could be bringing you tens of thousands of dollars every single month?

What if there was a way to make use of the leads you thought were no longer workable and get them to make you additional income without you needing to invest any more money into your current marketing campaigns?

Dear Real
Estate Investor

What if there was a way to make use of the leads you thought were no longer workable and get them to make you additional income without you needing to invest any more money into your current marketing campaigns?

And you’ve likely accumulated a fair amount of leads over the years…

...leads that have been carefully qualified and have potential.

But even though you might have built up an impressive collection of leads like this, they are currently not doing anything for you or your business.

Maybe as a wholesale investor, you feel like the leads you have sitting dead in your database are not the right fit for the kind of deals you normally close.

Each time you think about them or see the sheer quantity of leads like this you might be in possession of, you can feel like they’re a wasted opportunity.

If you’re anything like I think you might be, you’ve probably poured over this a million times wondering how you could be turning these leads into profit.

Maybe you simply don’t have the time or manpower to work the leads the way they need to be worked.

Or you aren’t even sure they can be worked into something.

Not everyone can work in the real estate industry.

Because it’s a different formula altogether. 

While traditional real estate agents will tell sellers to spruce up their properties and give them a long list of repairs and updates to take care of...

...because that ultimately improves the bottom line…

The reality is that sellers who are talking to wholesalers are looking to work a deal that is both simple and quick.

In other words, they don’t want to be getting told what they need to do to their property in order for it to sell for a higher price. 

They want the property sold and the formalities concluded as quickly as possible. 

And when you think about a situation like this, it becomes easy to understand that there are a lot of agents out there who simply have no idea how to talk to sellers who have already reached out to real estate investors already.

So what does that all mean
and how is it meant to help you monetize your dead leads?

You see what I learned a long time ago was that if wholesalers and real estate agents could find a way to partner up where the leads get worked on and something comes out of them, it would be a win-win for everyone involved. 
And before I go into what this all means, I’m Chris Craddock, founder of REI Revive and owner of a real estate agent mega team that sells over $160-million dollars of real estate each year, based in the DC Metro area. 

I started as a real estate investor in 2002 to earn some money on the side and have profited over $1 million dollars from flipping houses before launching my real estate agent team. 

Since then, I have partnered with

one of the biggest investors in our area to revive their dead leads into cash. 

During my time in the real estate world, I have learned how to make use of simple strategies that both agents and investors can benefit from that can bring in $100k+ every year without any extra marketing costs to you.

So back to what I was saying.

Right now most real estate investors (like you perhaps) are only able to work with a small percentage of the leads they have coming in.

They are not able to work on the dead leads (which may be in excess) because they feel like they can’t wholesale these properties. 

The leads then get set aside and aren’t worked because the right people are not able to work them.

This is where
my strategy comes in.

So let me ask you...

If you could have agents working your dead leads every month and those same agents able to close deals on the leads you thought were not workable, wouldn’t that be great?

Think of how many more deals could be closed without you having to spend a single extra dollar on your marketing efforts but you would still be closing deals and receiving an income from leads you already have.

If you imagine the numbers, the income you could be making from your leads can very quickly add up.

So wouldn’t earning an extra $100k+ every month without having to spend anything to get that be awesome?

You see, in my time in this industry, I have realized that real estate investors have a huge untapped opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month on their dead leads through partnering with real estate agents.

By partnering up with the right agents, you can revive your leads and ultimately breakthrough to your next level of income growth.

Without paying…

... for more direct mail…  …TV advertising…  ...Radio advertising…  Or having to cold call.

The secret is being able to use the leads you already have!

Maybe right now you’re thinking…

This sounds great, but how do you actually make it work?

Where do you find the right agents to work your dead leads and convert them into deals that get closed?

And how do you ensure that the leads are getting worked the way they need to be so that the extra income rolls in steadily?

I am not going to tell you how to do all that or how to find the right people for you.

But I am going to show you how you can gain the skills to be able to go out there and find the right people to partner up with.

And it’s going to start with a simple conversation between you and I.

During this conversation I will tell you how you can get started on working those dead leads with the right people. 

Because, it has to be the right fit. 

Right about now, I think it’s normal to have some questions.

So here is a list of the more FAQ I get when it comes to how we go forward:
  • Is the call absolutely necessary?
Yes, 100%. REI Revive is not for everyone.
  • What is required from me on the call?
Be transparent about your goals and current business.
  • Am I going to have to sign up for something or pay anything?
No obligation to sign up, but you will be able to sign up after the call if you're ready.
  • Do I talk to you personally?
Yes, you'll talk with Chris personally.
  • What happens if I cannot make the call we schedule?
Your dead leads will stay in the graveyard of your CRM forever!
And in case you are wondering if what I have been speaking about can work for you like it has countless others?

I want you to check out some of the things people have said, below:

These are people who have been able to:
  • Revive thousands or even tens of thousands of their DEAD leads
  • ​Turn those dead leads into cash through real estate agent partners who know how to convert the seller leads into listings
  • ​Scale and grow.
So let me ask you, what could be better than increasing your income through leads that you already have and did not realize held so much potential?

Sounds interesting,
doesn’t it?

Keep in mind that I only work with serious investors who are prepared to learn the ropes and everything it takes to set this up.

Essentially, once you find the right agents to work with, it’s only a question of supplying them the leads which you want them to work on.

But getting to that point is the part that you need to make sure you learn how to do.

So to make sure that this is something you are really prepared to learn how to do and of course, I am the right person to help you do that, we offer this 15-minute discovery call to see just how much money you could be making from your dead leads.

The call is 100% free and during the call, I will break down what you are going to learn and how you can increase your income.

Plus you get to ask me any questions that you want to know so that you know if working together on a program like this is something you want to do.

Please remember that I can’t put in the work for you and before we take any decision, I need to see that you are the right fit for this program and that this program can truly benefit you.

I work like this because I believe in being able to know if this program can help you from the start. 

I don’t leave anything to chance because the strategies and skills you will learn are designed to yield results. 

Before we get onto the call, I have some questions for you to answer. 

Based on these initial questions, I will have a good idea of whether we will be a good fit and how best I will be able to help you achieve the objectives you have. 

So from here, it’s really simple.

Based on these initial questions, I will have a good idea of whether we will be a good fit and how best I will be able to help you achieve the objectives you have. 

So from here, it’s really simple.

All you have to do to complete the application is click the button below.

Remember that by coming onto the call, you are under no obligation to engage in any program whatsoever.

All I am there to help you see is the potential income you have sitting in your database of dead leads and how you can turn that into an income for your business. 

Imagine how much more potential your business has to scale when you have an additional income of anywhere between $10k to $100k and more coming into your business?

And all you have to do is complete your application by clicking the button below and take 15 minutes of your time to chat with me about the potential of reviving and monetizing your dead leads.

Keep in mind that the program is designed to work with the leads you already have, which means you are not going to have to invest anything else into your marketing to achieve the kind of results I am talking about.

So if you are ready to see results where you never even thought was possible and learn how you can continuously see those results, you have two choices right now.

See how it can be of benefit for you and learn how to keep it being a benefit for you.

What do you have to lose with dead leads sitting in your database?

Nothing. That’s what.

Click the button below to complete your application and let’s book a time to chat about the potential that is sitting right inside your business right now.

I cannot wait to see the great things you can achieve.

Let’s talk!

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